DefaultWebOptions.DownloadComponents Property (Excel)

True if the necessary Microsoft Office Web components are downloaded when you view the saved document in a Web browser, but only if the components are not already installed. False if the components are not downloaded. The default value is False. Read/write Boolean.


expression .DownloadComponents

expression A variable that represents a DefaultWebOptions object.


You can set the LocationOfComponents property to a central URL (on the intranet or Web) or path (local or network) to a location from which authorized users can download components when viewing your saved document. The path must be valid and must point to a location that contains the necessary components, and the user must have a valid Microsoft Office license.

Office Web components add interactivity to documents that you save as Web pages. If you view a Web page in a browser on a computer that does not have the components installed, the interactive portions of the page will be static.


This example allows the Office Web components to be downloaded with the specified Web page, if they are not already installed.

Application.DefaultWebOptions.DownloadComponents = True 
Application.DefaultWebOptions.LocationOfComponents = _ 
 Application.Path & Application.PathSeparator & "foo"

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