PivotCell.DataSourceValue Property (Excel)

Returns the value last retrieved from the data source for edited cells in a PivotTable report. Read-only

Version Information

Version Added: Excel 2010


expression .DataSourceValue

expression A variable that represents a PivotCell object.

Return Value



Whenever a cell in the values area of a PivotTable report is edited, the DataSourceValue property will hold the value that was last retrieved from the data source before editing took place. For PivotTable report value cells that have not been edited, or for which the data source value has not been explicitly retrieved, this property will return NULL. For PivotTable reports with OLAP data sources, the value of the DataSourceValue property is retrieved from a separate connection to ensure that it does not contain the value of any writeback operations that the user might have made.

Reading the DataSourceValue property for cells that are outside of the values area of a PivotTable report generates a run-time error.

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