PublishObject.DivID Property (Excel)

Returns the unique identifier used for identifying an HTML <DIV> tag on a Web page. The tag is associated with an item in a document that you have saved to a Web page. An item can be an entire workbook, a worksheet, a selected print range, an AutoFilter range, a range of cells, a chart, a PivotTable report, or a query table. Read-only String.


expression .DivID

expression A variable that represents a PublishObject object.


This example saves a range of cells to a Web page, and then it obtains the identifier from the <DIV> tag of this item and finds the line on the saved Web page (q198.htm). The example also creates a copy of the Web page (newq1.htm) and inserts a comment line before the <DIV> tag in the copy of the file.

Set objPO = ActiveWorkbook.PublishObjects.Add( _ 
 SourceType:=xlSourceRange, _ 
 Filename:="\\Server1\Reports\q198.htm", _ 
 Sheet:="Sheet1", _ 
 Source:="C2:D6", _ 
strTargetDivID = objPO.DivID 
Open "\\Server1\Reports\q198.htm" For Input As #1 
Open "\\Server1\Reports\newq1.htm" For Output As #2 
While Not EOF(1) 
 Line Input #1, strFileLine 
 If InStr(strFileLine, strTargetDivID) > 0 And _ 
 InStr(strFileLine, "<div") > 0 Then 
 Print #2, "<!--Saved item-->" 
 End If 
 Print #2, strFileLine 
Close #2 
Close #1

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