PivotCell.DataField Property (Excel)

Returns a PivotField object that corresponds to the selected data field.


expression .DataField

expression A variable that represents a PivotCell object.


This property will return an error if the PivotCell object is not one of the allowed constants of XlPivotCellType: xlPivotCellTypeDataField, xlPivotCellTypeSubtotal, or xlPivotCellTypeGrandTotal.


This example determines if cell L10 is in the data field of the PivotTable and either returns the PivotTable field that corresponds to the cell by notifying the user, or handles the run-time error. The example assumes a PivotTable exists in the active worksheet.

Sub CheckDataField() 
 On Error GoTo Not_In_DataField 
 MsgBox Application.Range("L10").PivotCell.DataField 
 Exit Sub 
 MsgBox "The selected range is not in the data field of the PivotTable." 
End Sub

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