Parameters Object (Excel)

A collection of Parameter objects for the specified query table.


Each Parameter object represents a single query parameter. Every query table contains a Parameters collection, but the collection is empty unless the query table is using a parameter query.

You cannot use the Add method on a URL connection query table. For URL connection query tables, Microsoft Excel creates the parameters based on the Connection and PostText properties.


Use the Parameters property to return the Parameters collection. The following example displays the number of parameters in query table one.

MsgBox Workbooks(1).ActiveSheet.QueryTables(1).Parameters.Count

Use the Add method to create a new parameter for a query table. The following example changes the SQL statement for query table one. The clause “(city=?)” indicates that the query is a parameter query, and the value of city is set to the constant “Oakland.”

Set qt = Sheets("sheet1").QueryTables(1) 
qt.Sql = "SELECT * FROM authors WHERE (city=?)" 
Set param1 = qt.Parameters.Add("City Parameter", _ 
param1.SetParam xlConstant, "Oakland" 

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