ObjectFrame Object (Access)

This object corresponds to an unbound object frame. The unbound object frame control displays a picture, chart, or any OLE object not stored in a table.


For example, you can use an unbound object frame to display a chart that you created and stored in Microsoft Graph.

This control allows you to create or edit the object from within a Microsoft Access form or report by using the application in which the object was originally created.

To display objects that are stored in a Microsoft Access database, use a Bound object frame.

The object in an unbound object frame is the same for every record.

The unbound object frame can display linked or embedded objects.

You can use the unbound object frame or an image control to display unbound pictures in a form or report. The advantage of using the unbound object frame is that you can edit the object directly from the form or report. The advantage of using the image control is that it's faster to display.

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