SharingItem.Deny Method (Outlook)

Denies a sharing request and sends a sharing response to the sender of the SharingItem.

Version Information

Version Added: Outlook 2007


expression .Deny

expression An expression that returns a SharingItem object.

Return Value

A SharingItem object that represents the sharing response.


The Deny method can only be called on SharingItem objects with a Type property value of olSharingMsgTypeRequest or olSharingMsgTypeInviteAndRequest.

This method generates a new SharingItem object and sets the Type property of the new object to olSharingMsgTypeResponseDeny. The SharingItem is not immediately sent to the sender of the sharing request, however, so you can edit the sharing response as needed.


Sharing is denied immediately after this method is called, regardless of whether the sharing response was received.

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