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Includes methods for managing web object links in Project Server and links to external objects such as list items in SharePoint sites.

The ObjectLinkProvider type exposes the following members.


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Public method ObjectLinkProvider Creates an ObjectLinkProvider object from the ASMX-based ObjectLinkProvider web service.



  Name Description
Public property AllowAutoRedirect (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)
Protected property CanRaiseEvents (Inherited from Component.)
Public property ClientCertificates (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)
Public property ConnectionGroupName (Inherited from WebClientProtocol.)
Public property Container (Inherited from Component.)
Public property CookieContainer (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)
Public property Credentials (Inherited from WebClientProtocol.)
Protected property DesignMode (Inherited from Component.)
Public property EnableDecompression (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)
Protected property Events (Inherited from Component.)
Public property PreAuthenticate (Inherited from WebClientProtocol.)
Public property Proxy (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)
Public property RequestEncoding (Inherited from WebClientProtocol.)
Public property Site (Inherited from Component.)
Public property SoapVersion (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Public property Timeout (Inherited from WebClientProtocol.)
Public property UnsafeAuthenticatedConnectionSharing (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)
Public property Url (Inherited from WebClientProtocol.)
Public property UseDefaultCredentials (Inherited from WebClientProtocol.)
Public property UserAgent (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)



  Name Description
Public method Abort (Inherited from WebClientProtocol.)
Protected method BeginInvoke (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Protected method CancelAsync (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)
Public method CreateObjRef (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Public method CreateWebObjectLinks Creates links between web objects, based on the object and link definitions.
Public method CreateWebObjectLinksByGuid Creates links between web objects based on the object GUIDs.
Public method DeleteProjectWebObjects Deletes all of the web objects that belong to a specified project and removes the links to those objects.
Public method DeleteWebObject Deletes the specified web object and removes all links to that object.
Public method DeleteWebObjectLink Deletes the link between two specified web objects.
Public method Discover (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Public method Dispose() (Inherited from Component.)
Protected method Dispose(Boolean) (Inherited from Component.)
Protected method EndInvoke (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Public method Equals (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method Finalize (Inherited from Component.)
Public method GetHashCode (Inherited from Object.)
Public method GetLifetimeService (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Protected method GetReaderForMessage (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Protected method GetService (Inherited from Component.)
Public method GetType (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method GetWebRequest (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Protected method GetWebResponse(WebRequest) (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)
Protected method GetWebResponse(WebRequest, IAsyncResult) (Inherited from HttpWebClientProtocol.)
Protected method GetWriterForMessage (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Public method InitializeLifetimeService (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Protected method Invoke (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Protected method InvokeAsync(String, [], SendOrPostCallback) (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Protected method InvokeAsync(String, [], SendOrPostCallback, Object) (Inherited from SoapHttpClientProtocol.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone() (Inherited from Object.)
Protected method MemberwiseClone(Boolean) (Inherited from MarshalByRefObject.)
Public method ReadLinkedWebObjects Gets the link information for a specified Web object.
Public method ReadObjectByDescription Gets the Web object specified by the object description.
Public method ReadObjectLinkType Gets the link type between two specified Web objects.
Public method ReadOrCreateWebObjects Reads or creates Web objects that correspond to each WebObjectsRow in the ObjectLinkProviderDataSet.
Public method ReadProjectLinkedWebObjects Gets a filtered list of linked Web objects for the specified project.
Public method ReadProjectWebObject Gets linked Web objects for the specified project.
Public method ReadSharePointItemLinkedWebObjects Gets a filtered list of linked SharePoint Web objects.
Public method ReadSharePointWebObject Gets the linked Web objects for a specified list in Microsoft® Windows SharePoint® Services.
Public method ReadTaskLinkedWebObjects Gets a list of the linked Web objects for a specified task, filtered by object type.
Public method ReadTaskWebObject Gets all of the linked Web objects for a specified task.
Public method ReadWebObject Gets the data for a specified Web object.
Public method ToString (Inherited from Component.)



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Public event Disposed (Inherited from Component.)


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