ProjectDataSet.ProjectResourceDataTable Class

Represents resources assigned to a particular project.

Inheritance Hierarchy

      [Project Web service].ProjectDataSet.ProjectResourceDataTable

Namespace:  [Project Web service]
Service reference: http://ServerName:32843/[Project Service Application GUID]/PSI/Project.svc
Web service reference: http://ServerName/ProjectServerName/_vti_bin/PSI/Project.asmx?wsdl


<SerializableAttribute> _
Public Class ProjectResourceDataTable _
    Inherits DataTable _
    Implements IEnumerable
Dim instance As ProjectDataSet.ProjectResourceDataTable
public class ProjectResourceDataTable : DataTable, 


For detailed column information, see ProjectDataSet.ProjectResourceRow.

You can define a resource as a local resource, in which case it is present only in the project and not available for other projects to use. Or a resource can be an enterprise resource, in which case it is defined in the [Resource Web service] Web service and copied to the ProjectResourceDataTable table.

Enterprise resource data in the ProjectResourceDataTable table is refreshed at various times. The data contained in this table might not always be in synch with the data defined in the [Resource Web service] Web service. Any updates applied to this table do not update the [Resource Web service] Web service. When the data is refreshed, the data in this table is overwritten.

Thread Safety

Any public static (Shared in Visual Basic) members of this type are thread safe. Any instance members are not guaranteed to be thread safe.

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