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This class and its members are reserved for internal use and are not intended to be used in your code.

The PSContextInfo.PSContextInfoV12 type exposes the following members.


  Name Description
Public method PSContextInfo.PSContextInfoV12 Creates an instance of the PSContextInfoV12 class.



  Name Description
Public property IsWindowsUser Reserved for internal use. Specifies whether Windows authentication is used.
Public property Lcid Reserved for internal use. Locale code ID for the impersonation context.
Public property SiteGuid Reserved for internal use. GUID of the Project Web App site.
Public property TrackingGuid Reserved for internal use. GUID for tracking the queue job.
Public property UrlZone Reserved for internal use. Specifies the URL zone for impersonation.
Public property UserGuid Reserved for internal use. GUID of the impersonated user.
Public property UserName Reserved for internal use. Name of the impersonated user.



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