Packaging Wizard

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The Packaging Wizard provides you with one way to easily package and add professional setup routines to your applications. The wizard guides you through the steps of creating .cab files for your application, grouping them into a package that contains everything required for installation, and delivering those packages to users with a setup program.

There are two ways to open the Packaging Wizard: from the Windows Start menu or from within an Office application.

To launch the Packaging Wizard from the Start menu, select Programs, then Microsoft® Office XP Developer, and then Packaging Wizard.

To launch the Packaging Wizard from within an Office application, open the Microsoft® Visual Basic® Editor (ALT + F11) and from the Add-Ins menu, select Packaging Wizard.

**Note   **If the Packaging Wizard is not available from the Add-Ins menu, use the Add-In Manager, located in the Add-Ins menu to load the Packaging Wizard.

Work through the wizard until you have established the necessary options for your file, then click Finish. For information about the screens in the wizard, click Help on the screen or select a topic from the following list.

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