Chapter 12, Scaled Shapes and Measured Drawings

Chapter 12, Scaled Shapes and Measured Drawings

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When the drawings your users create represent real-world objects, the drawings need shapes and templates that draw to scale. You can design masters that size appropriately when users drag them into a drawing page with a scale, such as 1/4 inch = 1 foot. If you design the template as well, you can ensure that the scale of the drawing page works with the scale of the masters you provide and thereby simplify a complicated drawing task for your users.

This chapter explains how to choose an appropriate scale for drawings and shapes that need scaling; the chapter also describes how to prevent shapes from scaling even in a scaled drawing. For details about designing a grid for both scaled and unscaled drawings and creating shapes that snap to a grid, see Chapter 11, Arranging Shapes in Drawings.

In this chapter...

Choosing an Appropriate Drawing Scale

Choosing a Scale for Masters

Creating Shapes that Never Scale