Chapter 19, Automating Connections in a Visio Solution

Chapter 19, Automating Connections in a Visio Solution

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Connected drawings are among the most common and useful kinds of drawings you can create with Microsoft® Visio®. Connected drawings often illustrate relationships in a system, whether among people in an organization or stages in a manufacturing process. It's often easier to design relationships by diagramming them, and then use the diagram as a source of data about those relationships. In Visio, the act of connecting shapes is called gluing the shapes, and the connection between any two shapes is represented by a Connect object.

This chapter describes working with Connect objects and then using the properties of those objects to analyze a connected drawing. It also describes creating connected drawings by gluing shapes from your program.

In this chapter…

Working with a Connect Object

Getting Information from a Connected Drawing

Iterating through the Connections on a Page: an Example

Creating a Connected Drawing from a Program

Connecting Shapes in a Flowchart: an Example