Chapter 26, Packaging a Visio Automation Solution

Chapter 26, Packaging a Visio Automation Solution

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If you're writing a program for others to use, you'll need to determine:

  • The templates, stencils, and drawings that you'll distribute with your program.
  • A Microsoft® Visio® file for storing your Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) program.
  • Where to install the files.
  • How a user will run your program and what arguments might be passed to your program when it is run.
  • Whether you need to create a Setup program that installs a stand-alone program, its related stencils and templates, and online Help in the appropriate folders.

This chapter discusses where to install various files to take advantage of the Visio default paths, some of the different ways a user can run your program, and considerations for distributing your program.

For details about creating Help files and Setup programs, see the documentation for your development environment. For details about associating Help with particular shapes, see Chapter 13, Packaging Stencils and Templates. Information about integrating the Answer Wizard into your Help files can be found in the Microsoft Visio Resource Kit, available from the Microsoft Visio Web site.

In this chapter…

Installing a Visio Solution

Controlling when Your Program Runs

Distributing Your Program