Chapter 11, Arranging Shapes in Drawings

Chapter 11, Arranging Shapes in Drawings

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As you design Microsoft® Visio® templates, you'll want to give careful consideration to defining behavior for how the shapes in your stencils interact with the drawing page and each other, and as a result how they are arranged on the page.

You can organize shapes on the drawing page using layers; other tools for helping to arrange shapes on the page include the grid and ruler guides. Both the document's snap behavior settings and the alignment boxes of individual shapes can also affect how shapes align on the page.

Additionally, the Visio engine includes powerful functionality for automatic layout. By setting parameters for this feature, you can more easily control how shapes are positioned relative to one another when automatic layout is used.

In this chapter…

Assigning Shapes and Masters to Layers

Designing a Grid

Aligning Shapes to Guides and Guide Points

Using Alignment Boxes to Snap Shapes to a Grid

Designing Shapes for Automatic Layout