Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification, version 1.6

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Microsoft Corporation

May 1999

Summary: The Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification provides a format for text and graphics interchange that can be used with different output devices, operating environments, and operating systems. RTF uses the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), PC-8, Macintosh, or IBM PC character set to control the representation and formatting of a document, both on the screen and in print. With the RTF Specification, documents created under different operating systems and with different software applications can be transferred between those operating systems and applications. (248 printed pages)


IntroductionRTF SyntaxConventions of an RTF ReaderFormal SyntaxContents of an RTF File   Header      RTF Version      Character Set      Unicode RTF      Font Table      File Table      Color Table      Style Sheet      List Table      Track Changes (Revision Marks)   Document Area      Information Group      Document Formatting Properties      Section Text      Paragraph Text      Character Text      Document Variables      Bookmarks      Pictures      Objects      Drawing Objects      Word 97-2000 RTF for Drawing Objects (Shapes)      Footnotes      Comments (Annotations)      Fields      Form Fields      Index Entries      Table of Contents Entries      Bidirectional Language SupportFar East Support   Escaped Expressions   Character Set   Character Mapping   Font Family      Composite Fonts (Associated Fonts for International Runs)      New Far East Control Words Created by Word 6J      New Far East Control Words Created by Asian Versions of Word 97      New Far East Control Words Created by Word 2000Appendix A: Sample RTF Reader Application   How to Write an RTF Reader   A Sample RTF Reader Implementation      Rtfdecl.h and Rtfreadr.c      Rtftype.h      Rtfactn.c   Notes on Implementing Other RTF Features      Tabs and Other Control Sequences Terminating in a Fixed Control      Borders and Other Control Sequences Beginning with a Fixed Control   Other Problem Areas in RTF      Style Sheets      Property Changes      Fields      Tables      Rtfdecl.h      Rtftype.h      Rtfreadr.c      MakefileAppendix B: Index of RTF Control WordsAppendix C: Control Words Introduced by Other Microsoft Products   Pocket Word   Exchange (Used in RTF<>HTML Conversions)