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This content is no longer actively maintained. It is provided as is, for anyone who may still be using these technologies, with no warranties or claims of accuracy with regard to the most recent product version or service release.

Welcome to Microsoft® Office 2000 Developer.

Microsoft Office 2000 Developer is designed specifically for professional developers who are building and deploying solutions with Microsoft Office 2000. In addition to Office 2000 Premium, the most complete version of the Office 2000 productivity application suites, Office 2000 Developer provides the productivity tools professional developers need to build solutions faster, integration tools to make their solutions work seamlessly with data and the Web, and management tools to simplify deploying and managing the solutions they build with Microsoft Office.

This documentation contains three main sections:

In addition, the entire MSDN Library contains more than a gigabyte of essential reference materials, including technical programming information, sample code, technical articles, the Microsoft Developer Knowledge Base, and more.

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