Custom Classes and Objects

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Are you ready to take your Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming skills to a new level? If you've never used class modules to build custom objects before, this chapter covers the concepts that you need to understand to design, build, and use custom objects with their own methods and properties. If you've been building your own objects for some time now, this chapter also covers some exciting new additions to the VBA language in Microsoft Office 2000: the ability to add custom events to your objects, and the ability to extend your objects by implementing interfaces. In addition to describing how to use VBA to build custom objects, this chapter provides an introduction to the basics of using script to create reusable custom objects for Web pages.


Why Build Your Own Objects?

Basic Class Concepts

Creating Property Procedures

Creating Events and Event Procedures

Extending Objects Through Interfaces

Designing Object Models

Creating Custom Objects for Web Pages

Where to Go from Here