WorkContourType enumeration



enum WorkContourType 



REST Interface

WorkContourType enumeration is not expliclity defined in REST. Use the values below to understand what can be returned and set.


Name Value Description
Flat 0 The default contour with an even distribution of work.
BackLoaded 1 Peak activity happens at the end of the task.
FrontLoaded 2 Peak activity is at the beginning of the task.
DoublePeak 3 A task that has two major periods of peak activity.
EarlyPeak 4 The same as the Front-loaded but with a ramp up to peak activity.
LatePeak 5 A Back-loaded contour with a ramp.
Bell 6 A single peak in the middle of the task.
Turtle 7 A bell with a ramp up and ramp down.
UserDefined 8 User-defined contour type.

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