Records Center

Windows SharePoint Services provides an intuitive, robust environment for document collaboration and storage. However, because many corporations have records management and regulatory compliance needs, they have to maintain separate servers that manage official business records and other highly regulated material. This presents a challenge to records managers: How do you easily, and consistently, move documents from the SharePoint collaborative sites to the more strictly controlled environment of a records repository server?

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides powerful tools to help records managers move their important documents, and related metadata, into a regulated records center:

  • Records Center Web Service   Records managers can use the Records Center Web service to automate the process of moving documents from SharePoint sites into a records center, be that another, more strictly regulated SharePoint site, or a third-party repository.

  • Records Center Site Template   The Records center site template provides records managers with a records center solution right inside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. The site template fully implements the Records Center Web Service, and is customized for use as a records center.

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