Application.MakeRel Method

SharePoint Designer Developer Reference

Returns a String that represents a relative URL for the String specified in the URL parameter, using the URLBase parameter as the starting point.


expression.MakeRel(UrlBase, Url)

expression   A variable that represents an Application object.


Name Required/Optional Data Type Description
UrlBase Required Variant A base URL. Can be a string or a Web, WebFolder, WebFile, NavigationNode, or DesignerDocument object.
Url Required String The entire URL. This can be any URL for a Web site, such as "http://web_server/folder" or "file://file_system/folder" for disk-based Web sites.

Return Value


If the URL is already relative to the URLBase parameter, the URL is returned unchanged. For more information about absolute and relative URLs, see Understanding Absolute and Relative Addresses.

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