AppendLinksToRichTextField Method

The AppendLinksToRichTextField method appends links to the specified Rich Text field. In order to create a link, you must do a lookup that returns a URL.




‍ i_ValueLinkEnumAsIGrooveStringStringEnum,

                 i_RichTextField As IDispatch



Parameter Description


This parameter typically is the return value from a script lookup that returns an enumeration of string pairs. The first value of the string pair is the link text, which is the value returned from the lookup column. The second value of the string pair is the link URL, which identifies the record that the link text came from.


The Rich Text field on the form to append the links to. Use the DOM GetElementByID function to get access to the Rich Text object. You should not perform any methods on this object other than using it in the AppendLinksToRichTextField method.


This method creates links from URLs returned by a lookup method; it does not use the IGrooveFormsToolLinkObject, which is used in the SendInstantMessageWithLinks method.

This method references the current form; consequently, it should not be called from within a macro where there is no current form context.

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