GrooveAccounts.Read2 Operation

The Read2 operation lists all accounts available on the device and provides information about each account.


The HTTP Post URL targets the service. This is a top-level HTTP Post URL that you supply directly; it is not returned as a value by another operation.

Input Message Header

GrooveRequestHeader specifies information common to all Groove Web Services, including the Groove Request key. It is not necessary to specify a Groove Identity URL in the header when calling this operation.

Input Message Parameters


Output Message Header

GrooveResponseHeader specifies the response key.

Return Value

  <!-- Array of --> <Account2 />
Element Data type Description


Array of Account2

Groove accounts on the system.


Your application can call this operation once the Groove process is running. It is not necessary for the Groove user to login before calling this operation. Note that if your application calls any Groove Web Services operation other than GrooveAccounts.Read2 or GrooveAccounts.Read, the user must be logged in for the operation to succeed. If your application calls one of these operations when the user is not logged in and the user has set Groove to remember the password, then Groove automatically logs in the user. Otherwise, the operation will fail and will return a SOAP exception.

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