GrooveMembers.Create Operation

The Create operation invites the specified contact to the workspace. Note that the contact does not become a member of the workspace until the contact accepts the invitation.


The HTTP Post URL targets a GrooveMembers service for a workspace. This URI is provided by the GrooveSpaces.Read operation in the Members element.

Input Message Header

GrooveRequestHeader specifies information common to all Groove Web Services, including the Groove Identity URL and the Groove Request key.

Input Message Parameters

 <Member /> 
Element Data type Description



Specifies the Identity URL of the contact to be invited to the workspace and the workspace role for the invitation. The Member.URI element provides the Identity URL and the Member.Role element provides the workspace role. Note that the Identity URL value starts with "grooveIdentity://".

Output Message Header

GrooveResponseHeader specifies the Response key.

Return Value



This operation can only invite a contact that is known to the current user. If the URI specifies an identity that is not known to the current user, the operation will return a SOAP exception.

See Also


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