GrooveLocal.OpenContactProperties Operation

The OpenContactProperties operation opens a window with the contact properties of the specified identity, so the local user can view the contact information, update the alert settings, or send a message or an invitation to the identity.


The HTTP Post URL targets the service. This URI is a top-level HTTP Post URL that you supply directly; it is not returned as a value by another operation. There is no service-specific-data in this HTTP Post URL.

Input Message Header

GrooveRequestHeader specifies information common to all Groove Web Services, including the Groove Identity URL and the Groove Request key.

Input Message Parameters

<ContactURI />
<DisplayTab />
Element Data type Description



The Groove Identity URL, which is provided by several operations that return Groove Identity URLs, such as the GrooveContacts.Read operation in the Contact URI element.



Specifies the tab of the form to display:

  • 0 displays the General tab.

  • 1 displays the Alerts tab.

  • 2 displays the Workspaces tab.

  • 3 displays the Messages tab.

  • This element is optional.

Output Message Header

GrooveResponseHeader specifies the Response key.

Return Value



If the user currently has the Contact Properties window open for the specified contact, this operation redisplays the existing window with the tab that the user last viewed.

Note that if the specified tab is not available, this operation will display the general contact properties tab. For example, if you open the contact properties for the current user, the Alerts tab will not available.

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