GrooveSubscriptions.Update Operation

The Update operation renews the subscription for the specified time to live, in hours. Also, if the subscription was created with CreateAggregated, starts the monitoring of events from any newly objects that fall into the scope of this subscription.


The HTTP Post URL targets the service. This URI is a top-level HTTP Post URL that you supply directly; it is not returned as a value by another operation.

Input Message Header

GrooveRequestHeader specifies information common to all Groove Web Services, including the Groove Identity URL and the Groove Request key.

Input Message Parameters

<ID />
<TimeToLive />
Element Data type Description



Subscription ID returned when subscription was created.



The number of hours that the subscription should remain active if not deleted or updated. At the end of this period the subscription is deleted. The maximum value for TimeToLive is 2160 hours (90 days). If a long subscription is specified, the application design should guarantee that events are removed from the event queue periodically to prevent excessive queue growth.

Output Message Header

GrooveResponseHeader specifies the Response key.

Return Value


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