InputRow.Add Method (String, String, CellType, Object)

Adds an input, based on the specified parameters, to the input row.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.Addins.ComputeCluster
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.Addins.ComputeCluster (in Microsoft.Office.Excel.Server.Addins.ComputeCluster.dll)


Public Sub Add ( _
    SheetName As String, _
    Cells As String, _
    CellsType As CellType, _
    Value As Object _
Dim instance As InputRow
Dim SheetName As String
Dim Cells As String
Dim CellsType As CellType
Dim Value As Object

instance.Add(SheetName, Cells, CellsType, _
public void Add(
    string SheetName,
    string Cells,
    CellType CellsType,
    Object Value


  • SheetName
    Type: System.String
    Name of the sheet for the input cell.


For more information about the parameters, see Input class.

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