BottomSum (PEL)

This function sorts a specified MemberSet in ascending order and returns the bottom-most set of members whose sum is equal to or less than a specified value.



  • Scope_Expression
    A valid PerformancePoint Expression Language (PEL) expression that returns a set.
  • Value
    A valid numeric expression that specifies the sum against which the cumulative total is compared.
  • Numeric_Expression
    A valid numeric expression that is typically a PEL expression of cell coordinates that return a number.

Return Values

The BottomSum function calculates the sum of the specified Numeric_Expression members evaluated over Scope_Expression, sorting the set in ascending order. The function then returns the bottom-most elements whose cumulative total**is at least the specified Value (sum).


The PEL compiler cannot generate SQL code for this function.

PEL cannot be used to reference user-created member views in non-time dimensions. To write a business rule that references a member view in a non-time dimension, use a native Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) implementation.

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