Data type attributes (PEL)

A PerformancePoint Expression Language (PEL) data type consists of a basic type, and a set of data type attributes. An attribute represents a constraint on a data type. Each basic type has three attributes: Dimension, Hierarchy, and Level. Level is the most constraining, next is Hierarchy, and last is Dimension. For example, if a basic type is constrained to a particular Level, it is also constrained to a particular Hierarchy and Dimension. Similarly, if a basic type is constrained to a particular Hierarchy, it will also be constrained to a particular Dimension.

Except as noted, all attributes are INDETERMINATE. The following list shows the three ways attributes can be literal.

  • A Hierarchy can be constrained to a literal Dimension.

  • A Level can be constrained a literal Hierarchy.

  • A MemberSet can be constrained a literal Level.

For example, the [Time].[Calendar].[Months].[January 2006] member has the following attributes:

  • DIMENSION is [Time]

  • HIERARCHY is [Time].[Calendar]

  • LEVEL is [Time].[Calendar].[Months]

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