StdDev (PEL)

This function calculates the standard deviation of the set of expressions in a scope, based on an unbiased population formula, dividing by n-1.

   [ , Numeric_Expression ]


  • Scope_Expression
    A valid PerformancePoint Expression Language (PEL) expression that returns a scope.
  • Numeric_Expression
    A valid numeric expression that is typically a PEL expression of cell coordinates that return a number.

Return Value

This function returns the standard deviation of values defined by a scope expression.


StdDev uses the unbiased population formula (n-1) to calculate the standard deviation of a population sample, and StdDevP (PEL) calculates the standard deviation of a population.

When this function is used with a single argument, the PEL compiler can always generate SQL code. When the function is used with two arguments, the compiler cannot generate SQL code.

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