InfoPath Form View Control

Specifies a server-side Microsoft Office InfoPath form viewer control that displays a Web browser view of an InfoPath form.

Real World Example

A business process development team needs to render a common server-side InfoPath form view to display a special InfoPath form they have created for use in the extranet. They develop a specialized forms view control that includes references to a specific form template to render in the browser without a client-side version of the InfoPath application.

Technical Details

Microsoft Office InfoPath Forms Services renders the XmlFormView ASP.NET control in a custom Web page. Browser-enabled forms are fully functional equivalents of forms designed in Office InfoPath 2007 but do not require the InfoPath client application to be installed on the computer using the form. InfoPath Forms Services must be enabled on the server, as part of either Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 or Microsoft Office Forms Server 2007, for browser-enabled InfoPath forms to render in the browser. The XmlFormView control is available on servers running InfoPath Forms Services, which benefits enterprises that want to incorporate the functionality of InfoPath forms into their organizational Web infrastructure but which do not want to install the InfoPath client application on each computer.

Custom Web pages containing the XmlFormView control can belong only to the root site collection of the server running Office SharePoint Server or Office Forms Server unless they are packaged and deployed as Web-scoped Feature modules, as shown in the following code example.

   <module name="file" url="" path="">
      <file url="XmlFormViewPage.aspx" type="ghostable"> </file>

Support Details

Use of this control depends on the availability of InfoPath Forms Services and whether a given form is designed and deployed as a browser-enabled form template.

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