Modeling Database Systems

The Business Data Catalog provides built-in support for displaying data from databases and Web services. That is, you can use the Business Data Catalog to display data from your SAP, Siebel, or other line-of-business (LOB) application via Web services or databases.

Using the Business Data Catalog to interact with database systems is straightforward:

  1. Model the system by using database tables; whose structure is typically easy to interpret ..

  2. Determine the primary keys that will be identifiers for the entities.

  3. Based on entity relationships, determine the associations.

Business Data Catalog: Overview and Architecture

If you are new to the Business Data Catalog, start by reading these topics:

  • Business Data Catalog: Overview
    Learn about this new business integration feature, which enables Office SharePoint Server 2007 to surface business data from back-end server applications without requiring any coding.
  • Business Data Catalog: Architecture
    The Business Data Catalog is composed of a metadata repository and an object model that provides a unified and simple way to invoke operations and a consistent, object-oriented programming interface for business logic that is stored in the various business applications.

Microsoft Business Data Catalog Definition Editor

The Microsoft Business Data Catalog Definition Editor helps you to write application definition files for the Business Data Catalog. This tool automatically generates the XML for the definition file, so you do not need to manually create the file in an XML editor. It is included in the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SDK.

To learn how to use this tool to author metadata for database systems, see Creating a Database Connection by Using the Business Data Catalog Definition Editor.

Samples and Walkthroughs

These samples and walkthroughs can help you understand the metadata model and enable you to model your own database systems.

AdventureWorks SQL Server 2000 Sample

AdventureWorksDW SQL Server 2005 Sample

How to: Adapt the Samples to Connect to Oracle and Other Databases

FAQ and Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Business Data Clients and Metadata

FAQ: Business Data Catalog

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