Custom Records Center Router

You might want to perform additional processing on submitted documents, before, or even instead of, the processing performed by the records center site. For these scenarios, Office SharePoint Server 2007 enables you to create a custom router.

You can specify one custom router for a specific record routing type. When a user submits a file of that record series type to the records center, the records center calls the custom router to perform its custom processing before the records center performs any of its standard processing. When complete, the router returns whether it succeeded, and if so, whether the records center should perform its standard processing and storage of the submitted file. The custom router can also cancel the submission, or even cancel the submission but return a success result. This last option is common in scenarios where the custom router analyzes the submitted file to make sure it has not already been added to the records center, and cancels the submission if it determines that the records center already contains the file.

The custom router can edit the submitted document and its associated metadata, as well as update the location to which the submitted document is to be stored.

While you can specify only one router for a given record routing type, you can specify the same router for multiple record routing types.

After you specify a custom router for a given record routing type, the records center invokes the router whenever a file of that record routing type is submitted through any mechanism, including the user interface, object model, and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).

Each custom router must implement the IRouter interface. For more information, see IRouter Interface for Custom Routers.

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