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We want your feedback on the current set of topics included in this SDK. Did you get the information you needed? Did you expect to find information that wasn't here? Did you identify any errors, or do you have ideas about how to make this documentation better?

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Ways to Provide Feedback

The following are ways you can provide feedback:

MSDN Community Content (Wiki) and MSDN Comments

We are currently in synch with our online and offline documentation, but you will always find Community Content on MSDN appended to core Microsoft documentation in the form of Wiki comments.

MSDN Community Content is a way of providing Wiki-style annotations to the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 SDK documentation. For example, you can add code samples, remarks or "gotchas," translations, or other comments that enhance or supplement the core MSDN documentation.

For more information about adding community content, see the MSDN Community Content FAQ or Andrew May’s blog.

Customers First alias

If what you are looking for is not addressed in this SDK, or if you have any suggestions for improving a topic or a set of topics, let us know at Customers First.

If you have a general comment or feedback that doesn't fit in a topic, you can also send feedback directly to us at Customers First.


The Customers First alias is not a support alias. If you need help in a particular area, you can post in the appropriate SharePoint Products and Technologies Forum. For more information, see the SharePoint Products and Technologies Forum - the place for Q&A, and the Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies Team Blog, the place for discussions.