How to: Create a Business Data Item Web Part

The Business Data Item Web Part displays the Item of an entity instance from a business application that is registered in the Business Data Catalog. This example shows you how to use the Business Data Item Web Part to display the Item of a product that contains the characters, bike.


This procedure does not involve writing code; however, before using the procedure, register the AdventureWorks SQL Server 2000 Sample in the Business Data Catalog.

To add a Business Data Item Web Part

  1. Open the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 page where you want to add the Web Part.

  2. On the Site Actions menu, click Edit Page. The Site Actions menu is located on the upper right side of the page, below the Advanced Search link.

  3. Click Add a Web Part in the zone in which you want to display the Web Part.

  4. Select Business Data Item Web Part, and then click Add.

  5. In the Business Data Item Web Part that is added, click Open the tool pane. (If you are prompted to click OK to navigate away from the current page, do so. Otherwise, proceed to the next step.)

  6. In the tool pane, click Browse, and then choose Product (AdventureWorksSample). Click OK.

  7. In Item, click Browse to choose the product to display.

  8. In the Picker dialog box, the first drop-down list displays the filters defined for this entity in the metadata. Choose the Name filter. In the adjacent field, type the word, bike. Click Go to search for products whose names contain bike.

  9. The Picker dialog box displays five products from the AdventureWorks2000 database. Select one item from the list, and then click OK. Notice that the ID of the item you selected is now displayed in the Item field.

  10. In the Fields section, click Choose. Select ProductID and ListPrice, and then click OK.

  11. Expand the Appearance section. In Title, replace Business Data Item with Featured Product from AdventureWorks, and then click OK.

The new Business Data Item Web Part now displays a product from the AdventureWorks 2000 SQL Server database. In the Web Part, you can click View Profile to view the default profile page.