UserProfileAnniversaryChange Class

Represents the anniversary of a user's date property, such as their birthday. The event is fires once per year.

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Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Server (in Microsoft.Office.Server.dll)


<SharePointPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.InheritanceDemand, ObjectModel := True)> _
<SharePointPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.LinkDemand, ObjectModel := True)> _
Public Class UserProfileAnniversaryChange _
    Inherits UserProfilePropertyValueChange
Dim instance As UserProfileAnniversaryChange
[SharePointPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.InheritanceDemand, ObjectModel = true)]
[SharePointPermissionAttribute(SecurityAction.LinkDemand, ObjectModel = true)]
public class UserProfileAnniversaryChange : UserProfilePropertyValueChange


Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 treats all date fields in the user profile as are anniversaries. When a date in the user's profile matches the current date (based on server time), Office SharePoint Server 2007 creates a new anniversary event.

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