Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Fields Namespace

The Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.Fields namespace contains classes that define fields, field values, and field behavior. Topics that these classes cover include base types; the Content Type ID; HTML fields, tags, and validation; image fields and field values; publishing schedule start and end dates; and summary link fields and field values.


  Class Description
Public class BaseRichFieldType Indicates the abstract base class for rich, multi-line text field classes.
Public class ContentTypeIdField Renders a field on a form page (not a list view page) that represents the collection of content types on the current top-level Web site by using a GroupedDropDownList child control.
Public class ContentTypeIdFieldType Represents a field containing ContentTypeIdFieldValue data.
Public class ContentTypeIdFieldValue Represents the field value class for a ContentTypeIdFieldType object.
Public class HtmlField A publishing-extensible field type for defining rich HTML content.
Public class HtmlTagValue Specifies the base class for field value classes that represent HTML tags.
Public class HtmlValidationContext This class handles all validation checking and HTML filtering, based on constraint properties that are set on the validation context.
Public class ImageField Represents a field that contains ImageFieldValue data.
Public class ImageFieldValue A field value class for an ImageField object that represents an IMG tag and specific key attributes for that tag.
Public class LayoutVariationsField Represents a field whose data items are single lines of text specifying layout variations labels.
Public class LinkField Represents a field that contains LinkFieldValue data.
Public class LinkFieldValue A field value class for a LinkField object that represents an <A> tag and specific key attributes for that tag.
Public class PublishingScheduleEndDateField Represents a field that contains a publishing schedule end date.
Public class PublishingScheduleFieldBase Represents the abstract base class for publishing schedule date field classes.
Public class PublishingScheduleStartDateField Represents a field containing publishing schedule start dates.
Public class SafeHtmlWrapperException Represents the exception that is thrown when an error involving a SafeHtmlWrapper method occurs.
Public class SummaryLinkField Represents a field that contains SummaryLinkFieldValue data.
Public class SummaryLinkFieldValue This class contains both configuration properties and instance data for SummaryLink objects.