My Site Overview

My Site is your personal starting point for viewing and contributing to your organization's intranet through the portal site. It provides a place to save and share your work, a way to find and connect with other people in your organization and see their work, and a way to customize how other people in your organization see your work. To view My Site, click My Site on the navigation bar of the portal site.

Profile Page

Your My Site has a public view called the Profile page that contains information that you share with other users. This page displays the public properties of your user profile, with links and sites that you decide other users might want to see. Your most recent shared documents also appear automatically in the Profile page. These documents are displayed by site, so that you can show the documents from each site separately. The public page also shows your colleagues and memberships, and what’s common between you and the user visiting your Profile page.

The Profile page is a convenient way for you to manage the way that other people in your organization find you and your work. You can easily update your public profile, provide links, and share documents and other information.

Your My Site is also a full-fledged Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 site. In your My Site, you can create document and picture libraries, calendars, surveys, tasks, and other lists. You can create other pages on your My Site and provide links to those pages on the Profile page of your site. You can share any of the documents you create in your My Site with other users by adding them to public document libraries.

Personal Sites

Your My Site has a personal site that contains information of interest to you. For example, if you are a new employee, you might find links to key training resources. From the personal site, you can also organize and access your documents, view and manage your alerts and alert results, link to interesting people and information, view your e-mail inbox, and keep a calendar—all from a single place.

Personalization Sites

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 also supports personalization sites. Personalization sites are personalized views of portals such as MyFinanceWeb or MyBenefits. These sites contain content targeted to you based on your membership in a particular audience.

Customizing My Site Information and Using the Object Model

You can customize your My Site by adding and removing Web Parts, changing the layout and appearance of Web Parts on the private view of your My Site, and adding links to the mini-console to certain kinds of information.

The UserProfile object exposes the My Site functionality in the object model. It has methods to create My Sites and also to retrieve a user's My Site URL.

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