AudienceCollection.Create Method (String, String, String, AudienceGroupOperation)

Creates an audience with the specified name, description, and group operation.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Office.Server.Audience
Assembly:  Microsoft.Office.Server (in Microsoft.Office.Server.dll)


Public Function Create ( _
    AudienceNameOrg As String, _
    AudienceDescriptionOrg As String, _
    OwnerAccountNameOrg As String, _
    GroupOperation As AudienceGroupOperation _
) As Audience
Dim instance As AudienceCollection
Dim AudienceNameOrg As String
Dim AudienceDescriptionOrg As String
Dim OwnerAccountNameOrg As String
Dim GroupOperation As AudienceGroupOperation
Dim returnValue As Audience

returnValue = instance.Create(AudienceNameOrg, _
    AudienceDescriptionOrg, OwnerAccountNameOrg, _
public Audience Create(
    string AudienceNameOrg,
    string AudienceDescriptionOrg,
    string OwnerAccountNameOrg,
    AudienceGroupOperation GroupOperation


  • AudienceDescriptionOrg
    Type: System.String
    Audience description.

Return Value

Type: Microsoft.Office.Server.Audience.Audience


The Create method fails if the current user is not a member of the Administrator site group.

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