Excel Web Services

This section contains information about Excel Web Services and explains how to use it to develop custom applications.

In This Section

  • Accessing the SOAP API
    Find out how to call the Web service by referencing the Excel Web Services WSDL (Web Services Description Language).
  • Excel Services Error Codes
    Read about the error codes for Excel Web Services alerts and the associated messages, explanations, and resolutions.
  • How to: Set Credentials
    Learn how to set credentials for your users so they can call Excel Web Services using your custom applications.
  • How to: Save a Workbook
    Learn about using the various libraries in the Microsoft .NET Framework to save a workbook.
  • How to: Specify a Range Address and Sheet Name
    Learn how to specify range addresses by using range coordinates, named ranges, rows, and columns, how to specify a sheet name, and the relationship between a sheet name and a range address.
  • How to: Refresh Data
    Learn how you can use the Refresh method to retrieve updated data from external data sources for the open workbook.