Roadmap to Developing with Groove Web Services

Applies to: SharePoint Workspace 2010 | Visual Studio 2008

There are many things that you can do with the Groove Web Services API, but most developers will, at the very least, read or write data within tools.

To get started with the basics, do the following:

Some developers will work with members, contacts, and messages:

Your code can respond to changes in the data by responding to events. Events such as updates to files and forms data can occur at the tool level. Other events will pertain to the individual workspace level, such as adding tools or updating the design of existing tools, or at the workspaces level, such as addition of or changes to an individual workspace.

To learn how you can respond to events, read the following:

All developers should be aware of security issues. You can start with Security in Groove Web Services.

For any other conceptual information, look through the links in Groove Web Services Concepts.

For API reference on Groove Web Services, see Groove Web Services Reference.

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