SpreadsheetLauncher.ImportList Method

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

Imports a list to the SharePoint site and returns the URL for the new list.

expression.ImportList(List, Title, QuickLaunch, URL)



An expression that returns a SpreadsheetLauncher object.


A String that contains the name of the list to create.


A String that contains the description of the list to create. An empty string means a description is not displayed on the Create Page..


true if a link to the default view page of the new list is added to the Quick Launch bar; otherwise false.


A String that contains absolute URL for Owssvr.dll, which is located on the server in the following directory:

Local_Drive\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\ISAPI

Return Value

A String that contains the URL.


The user is automatically navigated to this location when the import is complete.


This example uses the SpreadsheetLauncher.ImportList Method method to import data from a spreadsheet to a SharePoint site. After creating a SpreadsheetLauncher object, the example uses the GetCLSID method to construct an <OBJECT> tag for writing the object to the page.

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
SpreadsheetLauncherButton = new ActiveXObject("SharePoint.SpreadsheetLauncher.2");

if (SpreadsheetLauncherButton) {
   var launcherCLSID = SpreadsheetLauncherButton.GetCLSID();
   var objectTag = '<OBJECT classid="clsid:' + launcherCLSID + '" 
      id="SpreadsheetLauncherObj" style="display:none;"></OBJECT>';

   document.write(objectTag); }

function DoImportSpreadsheet(){
   var form = document.frmNewList;
   var resultUrl;

   resultUrl = SpreadsheetLauncherObj.ImportList(form['List'].value," ", false, 'http://STSServer1/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?CS=109&');
   return false;}

The previous example assumes the existence of a form such as the following, which calls the DoImportSpreadsheet function and passes several INPUT values to the server.

<FORM name="frmNewList" onsubmit="return DoImportSpreadsheet();">
   <INPUT type="Text" title="Name" name="List" maxLength="255">
   <INPUT type="File" name="SpreadsheetFile" style="behavior: 
   <INPUT type="Hidden" name="ListTemplate" value='SpreadsheetImport'>
   <INPUT type="Submit" value="Import">
   <INPUT type="Hidden" name="Project" value="ows">
   <INPUT type="Hidden" name="Cmd" value="NewList">