Essential SharePoint Programming Tasks

Applies to: SharePoint Foundation 2010

The topics in this section of the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Software Development Kit (SDK) explain how to perform certain programming tasks that apply to almost any form of Microsoft SharePoint Foundation development, including Web Part development, client-side development, mobile development, branding, administrative solutions, Workflows, and others. Regardless of the kind of SharePoint development you specialize in, these are tasks that you are likely to perform many times.

In This Section

Converting Date and Time Values

Describing Forms of URL Strings

Getting References to Sites, Web Applications, and Other Key Objects

How to: Add or Delete List Items

How to: Read the Value of a Field in a List Item

How to: Return Items from a List

How to: Run Code on All Web Servers

Registering and Importing Namespaces

Security Validation and Making Posts to Update Data