AdministrableProperty Class

Represents a single property that can be configured for the Business Connectivity Services connector.

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Namespace:  Microsoft.BusinessData.Runtime
Assembly:  Microsoft.BusinessData (in Microsoft.BusinessData.dll)


Public NotInheritable Class AdministrableProperty
Dim instance As AdministrableProperty
public sealed class AdministrableProperty


AdministrableProperty is used by BDC configuration user interfaces such as BDC administration pages in the SharePoint Central Administration to display a simple editing interface for setting custom properties that are required by custom BDC connectors. Each AdministrableProperty stores information about one Property and how to represent that property. The configuration user interface, converts the values specified by the user for each AdministrableProperty to a Property on the LobSystem or LobSystemInstance that is being configured.


Code Snippet: Implementing a Custom Connector

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