Microsoft.SharePoint.Diagnostics Namespace

Provides types and members for logging application information to Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 usage and diagnostics logs.


  Class Description
Public class LogFileEntry Represents the entry that is entered into the SharePoint logs. Contains information about the event that occurred and its description.
Public class SPDatabaseServerDiagnosticsPerformanceCounterProvider The timer job that collects performance counter information from the database server that the installed SharePoint instance is connected to.
Public class SPDiagnosticsBlockingQueryProvider Looks for and records SQL Queries that are blocking other SQL queries in all databases in the system.
Public class SPDiagnosticsEntry Provides a base class diagnostics entry point.
Public class SPDiagnosticsEventLogProvider Represents a diagnostic provider which listens for NT Events and outputs them to Usage database.
Public class SPDiagnosticsPerformanceCounterProvider Provides methods and properties for interacting with the Windows Performance Monitor logs and inherits from the SPDiagnosticsProvider class.
Public class SPDiagnosticsProvider Represents a base class for diagnostic providers that collect diagnostic information and output that information to a logging database.
Public class SPDiagnosticsProviderCollection Represents a collection of diagnostics providers whose job is to collect diagnostics information and outputs them to Logging Database.
Public class SPDiagnosticsProviderJobDefinition Represents a job definition associated with a diagnostics provider.
Public class SPDiagnosticsSqlDmvProvider Queries the SQL dynamic management views for statistics about queries.
Public class SPDiagnosticsSqlMemoryProvider Queries the SQL dynamic management views for statistics about queries.
Public class SPDiagnosticsSqlProvider Provides methods and properties for working with a SQL-based diagnostics log.
Public class SPDiagnosticsULSProvider Represents a diagnostic provider which watches the ULS trace log and saves high level data to the logging database.
Public class SPGeneralPerformanceCategoryDefinition General definition for an arbitrary category and its counters. It stores the counter names and instance names for each counter.
Public class SPPerformanceCategoryDefinition Stores information about a set of performance counters in a set categoryand provides methods for normalizing counter information.
Public class SPWebFrontEndDiagnosticsPerformanceCounterProvider The timer job to collect performance counter on web front ends.
Public class ThrottledEventLogger This class throttles repeated writes of an Event under a particular context to the Windows event log. A specific duration (default 30 seconds) may be associated with an [event, context] pair. Contexts can be any object, but a best practice is to use objects that are not transient. If use of a transient context is unavoidable ensure that it is deleted before going out of scope.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration PortalLogLevel Sets the logging level for a specified farm.