Microsoft.SharePoint.IdentityModel Namespace

Provides types and members for managing and handling the claims-based identity model configuration.


  Class Description
Public class LogonSelector Represents the authentication scheme log on selector that allows the user to select a single item from a drop-down list to use to login.
Public class SPChunkedCookieHandler
Public class SPClaimsAuthenticationManager Overrides the base Microsoft.Identitymodel.Claims.ClaimsAuthenticationManager in order to set the correct IClaimsPrincipal in the case of anonymous identity.
Public class SPClaimsUtility Contains a collection of shared static methods that can be used by different components on Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.
Public class SPFederationAuthenticationModule Represents the HTTP module that handles identity model HTTP messages.
Public class SPFormsUserNameSecurityTokenHandler Handles user tokens representing ASP.NET forms-based authentication.
Public class SPIssuerTokenResolver Resolves a security key identifier for a trusted login provider to a security token.
Public class SPPassiveIssuerNameRegistry Returns the issuer of a specified security token.
Public class SPPassiveIssuerTokenResolver Resolves security tokens or keys based on a key identifier or key identifier clause.
Public class SPRoleManagerModuleEvents Manages a role principal instance for the current user.
Public class SPSessionAuthenticationModule Represents the HTTP module that handles identity model session HTTP messages. SPSessionAuthenticationModule is responsible for session tokens and session cookies and works together with the SPFederationAuthenticationModule.
Public class SPSessionSecurityTokenHandler Handles a session security token.
Public class SPTokenCache Represents a cache of security tokens.