Microsoft.BusinessData.SystemSpecific Namespace

The Microsoft.BusinessData.SystemSpecific namespace contains types that handle tasks that are specific to the external system.


  Class Description
Public class BdcSoapHttpClientProtocol Represents an empty implementation of the SoapHttpClientProtocol class. This class relies on ExtensionType property to provide SoapHttpClientProtocol class functionalities.


  Interface Description
Public interface IBdcSoapHttpClientProtocolExtension Represents an extension interface for the BdcSoapHttpClientProtocol class.
Public interface IContextProperty Provides a context for the Business Data Connectivity (BDC) service.
Public interface IStreamingAdapterObject Represents an interface that is implemented by all connectors that need to support information streaming.
Public interface IUsernamePassword Represents an interface for customizing implementations of SOAP header authentications for the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) connector.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ThrottleScope Defines the scope of the throttling.
Public enumeration ThrottleType Specifies the type of throttling to perform on a ThrottleScope object.