ISynchronizationManager.PopulateCache Method (IEntity, EntityInstanceCollection, IAssociation, IFilterCollection, ILobSystemInstance)

Gets the External Items and populates the cache using the specified destination external content type, source External Items, association, collection of filters, and external system instance.

Namespace:  Microsoft.BusinessData.Offlining
Assembly:  Microsoft.BusinessData (in Microsoft.BusinessData.dll)


Sub PopulateCache ( _
    destinationEntity As IEntity, _
    sourceEntityInstances As EntityInstanceCollection, _
    association As IAssociation, _
    filterCollection As IFilterCollection, _
    lobSystemInstance As ILobSystemInstance _
Dim instance As ISynchronizationManager
Dim destinationEntity As IEntity
Dim sourceEntityInstances As EntityInstanceCollection
Dim association As IAssociation
Dim filterCollection As IFilterCollection
Dim lobSystemInstance As ILobSystemInstance

instance.PopulateCache(destinationEntity, _
    sourceEntityInstances, association, _
    filterCollection, lobSystemInstance)
void PopulateCache(
    IEntity destinationEntity,
    EntityInstanceCollection sourceEntityInstances,
    IAssociation association,
    IFilterCollection filterCollection,
    ILobSystemInstance lobSystemInstance



This method invokes the AssociationNavigator method. If the view of the AssociationNavigator method does not match the view of the corresponding SpecificFinder method, then the SpecificFinder methods need to be invoked for all the external content type instances returned by the AssociationNavigator so that all the view data is available. The SpecificFinder method invocations do not happen immediately.

This method also records the foreign keyless association among these instances. The source External Items must be obtained from the cache; otherwise, the method fails and throws an ArgumentException exception.

Instances of objects in the Business Data Connectivity object model are tied to the Metadata Store they are obtained from. Using instances tied to one Metadata Store with the instances from another Metadata Store will cause data corruption and other unexpected behavior. For more information, see DatabaseBackedMetadataCatalog, FileBackedMetadataCatalog, and RemoteSharedFileBackedMetadataCatalog.

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