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Represents a resource usage aggregator used to calculate a weighted mean based on the sample count for each usage record.

The SPSolutionResourceUsageAggregatorCountWeightedMean type exposes the following members.


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Public method SPSolutionResourceUsageAggregatorCountWeightedMean Initializes a new instance of the SPSolutionResourceUsageAggregatorCountWeightedMean class.



  Name Description
Protected property AggregatedRecord Gets or sets the aggregated usage records. (Inherited from SPSolutionResourceUsageAggregatorCount.)
Public property RecordCount Gets the number of records processed. (Inherited from SPSolutionResourceUsageAggregatorCount.)



  Name Description
Public method AggregateRecord Aggregates the specified usage record into the aggregation result. (Overrides SPSolutionResourceUsageAggregatorCount.AggregateRecord(SPSolutionResourceUsageRecord).)
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Public method GetAggregatedRecord Gets the aggregation result of the SPSolutionResourceUsageAggregatorCountWeightedMean. (Overrides SPSolutionResourceUsageAggregatorCount.GetAggregatedRecord().)
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