Microsoft.SharePoint.Applications.GroupBoard Namespace

Contains classes associated with the GroupBoard feature.


  Class Description
Public class SPFieldCallTo Represents a user field in the Call Tracking list that contains people who received the call.
Public class SPFieldConfirmations Represents a text field with information about who has confirmed the item.
Public class SPFieldContactInformation Represents a text field in the Whereabouts list that contains contact information.
Public class SPFieldFacilities Represents a lookup field in the Calendar list that contains facility items.
Public class SPFieldFreeBusy A ‘free’ or ‘busy’ lookup field.
Public class SPFieldOverbook A lookup field that contains meeting or other item overbooked information. Used specifically in Calendar lists.
Public class SPFieldSendTo Represents a user field in the Circulations list that contains people to which a list item is sent.
Public class SPFieldWhereabout A selection field that contains whereabouts information. Used in Whereabouts list.